2015.04.22 – Version 1.46:  

Three old indicators added replaced by very new ones.
2015.08.03 – Version 1.3: 

The new upgrade 1.3 has two new enhancements:

1) Parameter Timezone has been replaced by StartHour, StartMinute, EndHour and EndMinute.

2) The main improvement is the addition of Williams’ Percentage Range Divergence!
It’s a very nice indicator with very good results of forward testing.

You can use it by setting parameter “Indicator” to “3”.
New parameters:

WPRPeriod = Period of Williams’ %R (default 50)
StartBar = Indicator starts counting from this bar (default 2);
WPRlevelPrev = The highest/lowest level of %R in the past (default 10, range 10 to 45);
WPRlevelNow = The highest/lowest level of %R now (default 2, range 1 to 20);
MinDivergencePerc = Minimal %R divergence size (default 8, range from 1 to 98);
MinDivergencePips = Minimal price divergence size (default 50, range from 10 or more);
MaxBarsNow = Bars Range where indicator looking for actual highest/lowest %R (def 10)
MaxBarsPrev = Bars Range where indicator looking for past highest/lowest %R (def 100)

For more informations see the comments and screenshots of settings.

2015.04.14 – Version 1.2: 

Added indicator No.2. New indicator achieves better results as you can see in the comments and new screenshots.

Deleted OppositeLotsMultiplier parameter.

Added parameters:

NextLotsMultiplier – multiply lots in case of opening other positions after the first one (Lots * NextLotsMultiplier = New Lots), default is 1.

SummarizeLotsForMultiplier – if true, NextLotsMultiplier multiplies the complete sum of opened orders of the same direction as a new order ((BUY 0.1 + BUY 0.2) * NextLotsMultiplier = New Lots).

ReverseKeepLots – when a signal changes and there are some opened orders, Bleris keeps the sum of lots of old orders for the next opposite order (SELL 0.1, SELL 0.10, SELL 0.10 = 0.3 Lots for BUY).

ReverseCloseOrders – close all opened SELL orders in case Bleris receives a new valid BUY signal (and vice versa) if true.

Remember to try the new value for Indicator parameter = 2.

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