Portfolio Bleris Swiss_equityChart

Latest settings (version 1.47)

New settings are ready for new version of Bleris no. 1.47.

This version is participant of WorldCupChampionship.com.

There are some restrictions with trading in US and these settings can be applied for US traders also (NFA no hedging and FIFO rule applied).

All set files are included in attached zip files:

B1.46 USDCAD (one trade) 4700 760dd 179tr

B1.46 NZDUSD MCH (one tr) 6470 480dd 264tr

B1.46 GBPUSD (one tr) MA 4300 580dd 130tr

B1.46 EURUSD (one tr) MA 9400 485dd 164tr

B1.46 AUDUSD (one tr)WHL 6700 870dd 282tr